ACC Student Leadership Symposium

Welcome to the 2014 ACC Leadership Symposium!

Dear ACC Leadership Symposium 2014 Participants,

On behalf of the ACC Planning Committee, we would like to welcome you to this year’s symposium. We have been diligently working all year to make this a memorable experience for all participants, and we look forward to meeting you all this February!

As we begin preparing you all for the conference, we wanted to introduce our theme, “The Next Generation of Social Change.” In looking at the landscape of the 21st century, it has become vital for our generation to be in tune with the variety of tools utilized to implement change in our communities, in our nation, and around the world. Our generation will shape the future of our world, and people continue to do amazing things every day. From social media posts to fashion or from making videos to creating art, people are creating awareness and sparking action in ways that you would least expect it.

Through numerous presentations, participants will be introduced to the history and organization of social movements, economics of social change, cultural competency and leadership, and other thought provoking topics. Collaborative work with students across the different ACC schools will expose participants to ways that they can create change. Miami is constantly highlighted as a tourist destination that is home to the “rich and famous.” However, Miami is plagued with social issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, and disparities in its education system. Our hope is that participants will be able to take these tools, learn from them and apply them to their own college campuses. Ultimately, making change in the issues that are important to your communities.

To begin connecting with other participants, please log-in and join the ACC Leadership Symposium group on Facebook. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UMButlerCenter.

We look forward to seeing you in February!

ACC Leadership Symposium Planning Committee


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